Why you should become a brand rep for avarios

Have you ever considered becoming a brand rep, or even allowing your child to become one?? I think at Avarios we definitely have the answer for that.  Being an Avarios brand rep comes with many benefits.  Who does not like 30% off everytime they buy something, also to be rewarded for spending!!

We do not know of anyone who does not like being rewarded.  

Nearly...we said nearly  every three months we put out an advertisement for brand reps on our IG page (avarios_kids).  We always have a high level of applicants, which makes it difficult to choose.  This time we are breaking away from the norm and taking more than we advertised for.......too many cute babies to turn away!!!

I hear you asking, what is expected of you when you become a rep and what are the benefits we speak off.....

Lets start with the good old benefits:

  • You get 30% off every purchase
  • Your family and friends receive a discount off every purchase
  • You will be rewarded for your hard work at the end of each month if you go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • You will receive a free gift with every 4 purchases by family and friends
  • You will have the opportunity to become an elite brand rep, which involves you receiving a free gift under a certain monetary value with every purchase.   
  • Free advertisement on our site for budding models

Still interested.....This is what we require from you:

  • Repping is a 3 months contract
  • Make a purchase once a month 
  • Write a quick and honest review about your purchases on our site 
  • Re-post, comment and like our photos on IG 
  • Contribute towards discussion, in regards to stock type
  • encourage family and friend to purchase from our store using your personalised discount code.

 That's all. We think that you know what to do....... give us a try to kick start your child's love of modelling.

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